About Me

Location Germany
Age 17
Fandoms Gintama | Axis Powers Hetalia
OTPs HijiYama [Gintama] | UsUk, PruCan, GerIta [APH]
Music Bowling for Soup, Simple Plan, Die Ärzte

I'm a hyperactive, obsessive, mad fangirl 8D~
In a positive way... I hope.

I'm creative when it comes to fanart and stuff, but I'm always too lazy to do it properly. ..did I mention I'm mad and obsessive? People tend to call me "Queen of Crack" or "King of Dorks" ... can't picture why... When I get into a new fandom, I always end up shipping the same character combo. TsunderexDorky Tsundere.... I always love meeting new friends, so don't be shy and write to me! :D
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About this site

This domain has been belonging to me since the first grade 8D Which means.. about 11 years.
Of course, it's been undergoing different changes and all types of website. A few years ago, I decided to make it a fanart website, since I've been drawing since I can think ...I can think?
For two years, it was called "Haru no Hana" and was decicaded to Hanataro and Rikichi and Bleach, who were like.. my most favorite characters ever. But when I left the Bleach fandom, this site was On Hiatus for over one year. I now finally decided to renew it, called it "Sugar Rush" due to my permanent sugar addiction and hope it'll become more active again in the future. 8D

Former Layouts (Art Page Only):